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How many hours per week can a salaried employee be required to work?

I am from the state of Florida where I work in a store as a manager. I was hired with the understanding that I would be required to work 45 hours/wk. Is there a limit to how many hours I am required to work without being compensated? During my tenure with this company, there have been weeks where I have been REQUIRED to work 70+ hours with weeks to months with no days off. When base rate is divided by hours worked, some of the managers are not even receiving minimum wage for the hours they work.

Rita Risser's Response:

Guess what -- they got you. As a manager, you are exempt from the law requiring overtime. Minimum wage doesn't apply. Federal law defines a manager as someone whose primary duty is management and who receives at least $155 per week. And there's no limit on how many hours they can require you to work.

Florida law may be different, but I doubt it. That bastion of liberalism, California, does have a limit on how many hours a week you can be required to work: 72. After that, you're free to leave.

I suggest you look for another job that pays better. Most managers I know, though, are working 60 to 70 hours a week. Does anyone out there have a job with good pay and good hours?

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