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While we title this section of our web site "Overtime/Contractors", there are many wage and hour issues of interest to employers, including which employees are properly exempt, overtime payments, maximum hours, vacation, sick pay, proper deductions from paychecks (including FMLA deductions), independent contractors, and the use of long-term temporary employees. We also cover some of these fundamental topics in our classes, so managers have working knowledge of the law and the ability to partner with in-house experts as issues arise. Here we offer in-depth information on exempt and non-exempt employees, overtime payments, maximum hours, vacation, sick pay, and proper deductions from paychecks (including FMLA deductions). We offer training courses that help managers and business owners deal with wage and hour issues legally.

Below you will find our answered Ask the Lawyer questions and eNews articles grouped under FAQ catagories.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is your job properly exempt?
How many hours can employees be forced to work?
What are the rights to lunch, breaks, vacations and holidays?
What are the rights to sick pay and PTO?
What are the rights of hourly employees?
What are employees owed when they leave?
What are proper pay and time keeping procedures?
What are the rules for independent contractors and temps?
What are employee rights to benefits?
Know Your Rights

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Managing Within the Law
This strategic seminar is core management training for experienced and new executives, managers, supervisors and leads.

Harassment Prevention
We bring in your organizational policies and values to strengthen your workplace as a great place to work.

Hiring the Best
A program for managers to develop staffing strategies that will support them in selecting top talent, avoid the wrong candidates while minimizing legal risk.

Fair Measures Webinars
World-class webinars, taught online in real-time by our expert attorney-trainers.


Workplace Investigations
Prompt, thorough, and efficient investigations conducted by a trained, neutral investigator. 

Mediation Services
Resolve workplace disputes that are disruptive and can be devastating personally and professionally. 


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