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What Is Wrongful Termination

This area of law applies to terminations, constructive discharge, reductions in force and layoffs, and demotions and denial of promotions in some states. Despite the rise of wrongful termination cases in recent years, the basic law still is that most employees are "terminable at will" An at-will employee can be terminated at any time, for any reason, or no reason whatsoever. Learn what is wrongful termination and how to let employees go the right way with our wrongful termination law training.

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Stop Costly Lawsuits

The US Supreme Court says that training and procedures protect employers from punitive damages for discrimination.


When is firing discriminatory?

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What is good cause for firing?

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What is proper procedure for firing or demoting?

When and how is an investigation conducted?
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What are layoff rights and duties?
What are rights to performance appraisals?
What are rights and duties in hiring and references?
When can employees quit and sue?
Stop Costly Lawsuits

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Managing Within the Law
This strategic seminar is core management training for experienced and new executives, managers, supervisors and leads.

Harassment Prevention
We bring in your organizational policies and values to strengthen your workplace as a great place to work.

Hiring the Best
A program for managers to develop staffing strategies that will support them in selecting top talent, avoid the wrong candidates while minimizing legal risk.

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Prompt, thorough, and efficient investigations conducted by a trained, neutral investigator. 

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Resolve workplace disputes that are disruptive and can be devastating personally and professionally. 


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