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Fair Measures, Inc. - Legal Training for Managers

Consultation Service

Our programs are uniquely designed to integrate the training experience with the values, culture, policies and procedures of the organization. In order to achieve this, before we conduct the course our trainer will have a phone consultation with the human resource and/or legal staff to review and exchange information. This consultation ensures a seamless training program aligned with specific organizational goals.

Topics discussed in 2-hour consultation service:

  • Composition of workforce
  • Locations/kind of facilities
  • International/national issues
  • Management philosophy and corporate culture
  • New employee/new manager orientation, training programs
  • HR staffing - who does the manager use as experts?
  • Policy/procedure review
  • Contract/temporary employees
  • Vendor/customer issues
  • Layoff procedures
  • Affirmative Action plan, EEO policy and discrimination policy
  • Anti-harassment policy and practices
  • Litigation issues, past and current
  • Electronic data and security /safety issues
  • EAP process
  • Hiring issues/procedures and citizenship/visa issues
  • Reference policy and background checks

Prior to consultation, the trainer will review the following materials:

  • Human Resource policies and procedures
  • Employee handbook
  • Manager's resource guide/handbook
  • Organizational chart
  • Human Resource organizational chart
  • Organization's mission and values statement
  • Focal review/performance assessment forms and materials
  • Corrective action/PIP materials
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • EEO/AA policies; AA plan
  • Company newsletter, newspaper
  • Annual report

To find out more about our national training programs, or to book training for your organization, please call 800-458-2778 or email training@fairmeasures.com.


Wrongful Termination Checklist
Our Checklist sets out the legitimate business reasons for employee termination or layoffs, and shows you how to determine when they apply, and how to document them.

Harassment Investigation Checklist
If you are a manager or HR professional faced with a claim of harassment, you need to know how to conduct an investigation that will meet all of your legal responsibilities and that will ensure the rights of both the alleged victim and the accused harasser.

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