My employer makes me put no more than 40 a week on my timesheet, even though I work more. I work from 7:45-5 without any breaks. I am made to put an hour break on my timesheet. If the time sheets are not written as instructed, they are not approved. Thank you, please help me.

Posted 04-12-2014

Ann Kiernan replies:

What you are describing is wage theft and it’s illegal! You should contact the federal Wage and Hour Division at 1-866-487-9243 or visit You will be directed to the nearest WHD office for assistance. There are over 200 WHD offices throughout the country with trained professionals to help you. All services are free and confidential, and your employer cannot terminate you or in any other manner discriminate against you for filing a complaint with WHD.

I wish you the best of luck.

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