Can my employer require me to post a photograph on the staff directory, available to all? I am hesitant for several reasons, one of which is the ability for internal hiring managers to base initial decision on appearance. There is an internal climate of ageism within our company and I strongly believe this may hinder my ability to be hired for another position internally.

Rita Risser replies:

Age discrimination is illegal, but of course it does occur. However, employees have very few rights to privacy in the workplace. In this situation, the employer has a legitimate business reason to post pictures, as it enables employees to network with each other more effectively, helps new employees get to know their co-workers, and so on. Some employers allow employees to provide their own pictures (rather than the mug shots taken by HR on the first day of work). If your employer were to allow you to provide your own picture, good lighting, some makeup (including for men) and a little PhotoShop® might go a long way to helping you put your best face forward.

Posted 01-12-2016

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