One of my employees quit two months ago, and filed a complaint to HR (5 pages) about me, completely unfactual. She then had a friend file a complaint about me a month later. Her friend was from a different department and quit over 6 months ago. Is this harassment? They have absolute no evidence to support their claims.

Posted  05-11-2011

Ann Kiernan replies:

I can certainly understand that you feel harassed by these complaints, but from what you write, it does not sound like illegal harassment. To be illegal, harassment must involve sexual or discriminatory behavior (based on race, sexual orientation, religion, age, etc.), but you do not mention anything of the sort.

Have you suffered any job consequences as a result of these complaints? If so, you may want to consult a local lawyer to learn about your rights, since making false statements that harm your reputation is defamation. However, in considering whether to start litigation, be aware that these ex-employees probably do not have the money to pay any judgment you might be awarded.

Good luck.


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