When an employee dies, who should get his W-2 forms? I got a call from someone who said she was his mother. Should I send her a copy? How do I know it is his mother?

Ann Kiernan replies:

The safest course of action is to ask for written proof that the person asking for the forms (or anything else belonging to the deceased employee) is authorized to represent the estate of the deceased. If the employee left a will, the executor/executrix should have a letter from the local probate court appointing him/her. If the employee did not have a will, then the court can appoint an administrator to handle the estate.

By the way, if there were any wages or other pay (e.g. vacation) owed at the time of death, those funds should be paid to the estate and a 1099-MISC issued. Please be sure to check with your company’s accountant for further guidance.

Posted 02-10-2016

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