Posted 10-01-2014

Ann Kiernan replies:

If there is a union election coming up at your workplace, federal law says that the employer must give the union the names and home addresses of everybody eligible to vote. That way, according to the National Labor Relations Board, the employer and the union have equal access to the voters. This list, called the Excelsior list after the case that established the rule, is a way to ensure that employees are informed about the arguments both for and against the union. Excelsior Underwear Inc., 156 NLRB 1236 (1966). In March, 2014, the NLRB proposed new regulations that would expand the Excelsior list to include eligible voters’ e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, job classifications, locations, and shifts, and would require employers to provide Excelsior lists in electronic format.

Thanks for the interesting question.


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