Am I entitled to a pay stub?

In Texas, is an employer required to give payroll stubs if requested? I asked for a copy of stubs from my employer and was refused. They said it was invasion of privacy.

Ann Kiernan replies:

I looked this up, and was surprised to find that federal law does not require pay stubs. But every state does require pay statements of some sort, either automatically every pay day or on request by the employee. Texas law mandates the following: Written/signed statement of employee’s name; pay period; hours worked; pay rate; gross/net pay; purpose of deductions. There is one BIG exception, however: Employees who are covered by federal wage and hour laws (which is almost everybody) are not covered by the pay statement law. Hard to believe, but that’s what the Texas Workforce Commission says.

You might want to talk to a local employment law attorney to get some definitive advice on Texas law. Good luck.

Posted 03-08-2016

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