After I failed a drug test I was not fired but sent to outpatient drug rehab. I stopped using drugs and maintained my job at the same time I went through rehab. All my drug tests were negative and I passed the drug rehab program. Then I was called into the office, and my supervisor said I was a hazard and I had a choice to resign or get fired. I have lost my job, income, insurance, without any warning. I thought they were there to help me. Are there any legal actions I can take or do I just do nothing? Thanks.

 Posted 07-13-2011

Ann Kiernan replies:

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a recovering or recovered addict who is not currently using illegal drugs and who has completed or is currently participating in a drug rehabilitation program is protected from discrimination because of his disability, record of a disability or because an employer regards him as disabled.

Just a few months ago, the EEOC brought a case on behalf of a man who was receiving methadone as part of a clinically supervised chemical dependency treatment program. He had been offered a laborer’s job, but the company then rescinded the job offer, claiming that he was a safety risk. The company settled by paying the man $85,000 and hiring him for the laborer’s job.

You should consult a local employment law attorney for more information about your rights and how to protect them. If you do not know such a lawyer, you may want to search your state’s listings awat the National Employment Lawyers Association,, or to contact your local bar association for a referral. Good luck.


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