The board is to be displayed in an area where other staff members and customers can see it. They have pressed the issue to the point of where it seems we could be written up or terminated if we refuse. Is this legal?

Rita Risser Chai responds:

AAAGGGHHH!!!! Save us from nosy managers. This is an invasion of privacy and completely unrelated to work. The fact that it could be seen by customers is even worse. The problem with privacy laws is that, generally, there are no government agencies that enforce them. You would have to hire an attorney. Some attorneys will write a letter to a company for a small fee, and that might work. On the other hand, your company might be so stupid that they would fire you after getting a letter from a lawyer. The only idea that comes to me is to do it, but make it so vague that it’s meaningless. Like what you want in your life future is a clean environment, so it’s all pictures of forests, beaches and sunsets. Good luck.

Posted 09-06-2017

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