What if your employer hires your replacement and then tells you they want you to find another job, [but] it’s not based on performance? Should I discuss this with an attorney?

 Posted 07-08-2013

Ann Kiernan replies:

Unless you work in Montana, which is the only state that requires good cause for termination, you are an at-will employee and can be terminated anytime, for any reason or even no reason at all. If you have some proof that you are being terminated for an illegal reason, such as: discrimination based on age, race, disability, sexual orientation, or another protected characteristic; retaliation for whistleblowing, filing for workers’ compensation, asking for a reasonable accommodation for a disability, raising ethical issues, or filing discrimination or harassment charges; or in violation of some contractual obligation, then you should certainly consult an employment lawyer in your area. If you do not know one, you could check with the National Employment Lawyers Association. Good luck.

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