As an employer, before we hire an individual can we request they produce their W-2 from the previous year and their current employment contract for our examination?

Posted 07-08-2013

Ann Kiernan replies:

While you can ask, be aware of some potential pitfalls. The W2 has some information that employers cannot consider in making hiring decisions–whether an applicant is single or married, has kids (or other dependents, has received nontaxable sick pay, etc.).

Tax data, or lack thereof, can also reveal whether a person is unemployed. In several states (for instance, New Jersey, Oregon and the District of Columbia) it is unlawful for an employer to refuse to consider an applicant who is currently unemployed.

Also, if you base salary offers strictly on the applicant’s past wages, you may be perpetuating pay discrimination based on gender or race. The EEOC has warned employers about this in an enforcement guidance.

I would be more wary about asking for contracts, which might disclose proprietary information about the prior employer’s business that you have no right to see. Thanks for the interesting question.

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