Can my employer require all its employees to disclose what medications they are taking (they say it’s for emergency purposes only) and keep it on file?

Posted  10-07-2013

Steve Duggan replies:

I believe they can, if it’s for a permissible reason for the requirement. Just one example is for a safety position, i.e. construction and first responder jobs, where there may be a need to have that information available in emergency situations where the employee cannot communicate and family members cannot be reached. Another example might be if employees were working in remote locations where it was difficult to get or provide the emergency care an employee might need. There may of course be others. Of course, the employer would have to safeguard the information and the privacy of the employee, just as it does for any other medical information that comes into its possession. If you feel that there is no such reason in your case, I suggest that you consult first with HR, and if your concerns are not eased by that discussion, with a local employment attorney. Good luck!

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