My manager was fired for sexual harassment towards me even after I asked them not to use me as an excuse to fire him. He was not performing his job well in addition to the harassment. I told them in writing that the staff would turn on me. I now feel it is a black mark against me. I should have just been quiet. Can I sue my employer?

Posted 02-09-2012

Ann Kiernan replies:

First of all, let me commend you for having the courage to report your manager’s harassment. It is not always easy to do the right thing.

Have you told management and/or HR about the co-worker retaliation? If not, you should do so immediately, and ask for an investigation and prompt remedial action. Instead of rushing off into court, you are supposed to give your employer an opportunity to fix the problem. However, if management is unresponsive, or if corrective action does not end the retaliation, then you may want to consult a local employment lawyer about your rights. If you do not know one, you may want to search for a local employment lawyer at, or contact your local county or state bar association for a referral. Good luck.


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