Can an employer change your salary after you have signed your contract without notifying you?

Steve Duggan replies:

It depends on the “contract.” If you have a contract to be paid a certain amount for a specified term of months or years, then your employer cannot change your salary during that period unilaterally, without breaching the contract. If you agree to take on a job at a specified salary, but without a specified term, then you are probably an employee at will and your employer can change your salary, but only after notice to you. Under both State and Federal law, no employer can change your salary for any hours you worked before you were given notice! If this happened to you, you should consult the Department of Labor or a similar state agency, or with a local employment attorney about your rights.

Posted 12-15-2015

Information here is correct at the time it is posted. Case decisions cited here may be reversed. Please do not rely on this information without consulting an attorney first.