I work as an hourly employee for a local union. In addition to my 40 hour work week, I am required to work at least another shift without pay, cold calling or knocking on doors for the Democratic Party and its candidates, because I was told that being “political” was part of the job. I was forced to “volunteer” for a party that I don’t support. Is this legal?

Posted  12-09-2014

Steve Duggan replies:

Unfortunately, we hear of these types of cases every election time. The answer is the same, NO! Neither a union nor any other employer can require an hourly employee to work “off the clock”, doing anything, and refuse to pay them for the time. Employees cannot be required to “volunteer” their time for any personal or political interest of any employer, whether it’s to work for a local charity (i.e. Food Bank) or a political party.

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