Last week, I interviewed for a job and had drug screening done. They called me 2 days later and told me that I failed the drug test. I called the lab that took the specimen and asked for a copy of the results, but they told me only the employer could release it. I called the employer, but they told me that because they paid for the test, the results are their property and I do not have a right to a copy. I thought because it was MY urine and my record that I was protected by law to have it. Is it true I am not entitled to a copy? If yes, why?

Ann Kiernan replies:

No one federal law that regulates drug testing. For instance, OSHA regulations say that if an employee has been exposed to a hazardous substance on the job, the employee is entitled to access to his/her entire medical file, including any drug test results. Employers covered under Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing regulations must maintain records that document their testing program, and must give employees their test results.

Many states regulate employment-related drug testing, as well. Your state, Florida, requires a second test to confirm an initial positive test, but does not require that the test results be given to you. You may want to consult a local employment lawyer for further advice. Good luck.

Posted 11-14-2017

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