I just found out I belong to an organization that has registered sex offenders as members. I am a teacher. Can I be fired for associating/having associated with them?

Posted  09-09-2013

Steve Duggan replies:

There’s not enough information here to provide a specific response to your situation.  Generally, however, any possible termination would involve an assessment of whether such association was “knowing.”  Most teachers are public employees with certain rights to due process before a termination, and many are also union members with rights to a grievance/arbitration process.  If this is a big organization, such as a national organization where you aren’t actually associating personally with the sex offenders, then I would guess that it should be OK.  If smaller and there is personal association and will need to continue to be to remain a member of the group, then you should consult with your HR professional or consult with a local attorney.

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