We have an employee that asked us on a Thursday if she could take off the next day, Friday, to get a restraining order against her ex. We found out from several people that she took off that Friday to go to the beach for the weekend. We then asked her to show us proof on Monday that she indeed got a restraining order and she said she could get her husband to fax it right over. He never did. Then she told us she had to go to another town to get it out of her husband’s truck. Never happened. Then she told us it was none of our business what she did on Friday, and that it was her personal life.

With so many lies, the Director decided it was time to write her up for lying about her taking off. She was told unless you have a restraining order dated on that Friday, you are not to report to work. Now her boyfriend has threatened our Director and come to our office.

Posted 08-04-2010

Ann Kiernan replies:

Call the police! Now it’s time for you to get a restraining order against the boyfriend. In many states, employers who have been threatened with violence are entitled to an order of protection barring the person from the workplace and forbidding any contact with the company. If you have a picture of the boyfriend, make sure to give copies to your receptionist and to security.

Did you know that about 1/3 of workplace violence incidents are spill-overs from domestic violence? Make sure your managers know how to recognize the warning signs of violence and take preventive measures. Our 1-hour Preventing Workplace Violence webinar can help you keep your workplace safe.


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