My employer fired me for theft of a vacuum that my boyfriend took to try and fix, after he had advised another coworker of such. Other male employees have taken items from work that were later returned without being reprimanded or terminated. Is my termination legal?

Ann Kiernan replies:

It is clear that if two employees commit a similar offense, an employer may not discipline them differently because of their race, color, religion, sex, disability or any other protected characteristics.

So, how do you prove that your firing was sex discrimination? There are three steps.

I. The employee’s prima facie (“first showing”) case:

1. A woman

2. Was meeting the normal requirements of the position

3. Was discharged or disciplined

4. While similarly situated men were retained or not comparably disciplined.

II. The employer’s rebuttal: What was the reason for discipline/discharge?

III. The employee’s showing of pretext: Is there direct or circumstantial evidence that the employer treated men with similar performance/conduct problems more favorably?

Based on what you have told me, there may well be sex discrimination going on. You may want to consult with a local employment lawyer to get more information about your rights. Good luck.

Posted 03-08-2016

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