Posted 12-12-2012

Do you think your employees would rather do anything else—even have dental surgery—instead of attend training? You may want to think again. New research shows that the vast majority of employees view job training and development is not just good, but essential.

According to an October, 2012 poll conducted by Lee Hecht Harrison, a leading talent development consulting firm, more than nine in ten workers surveyed – 91% – said training and development was vital. Only six percent said that training was a duty, and just three percent responded that it was a hindrance.

Yet, despite the fact that almost all workers view additional training as a welcome opportunity to hone their skills and broaden their knowledge, competing priorities often result in training and development getting meager attention, the researchers noted.

The researchers also pointed out that, to reap additional benefits of ongoing training and development, including improved retention and increased employee engagement, employers should be sure to provide learning opportunities to the broad workforce, not just a selected few.

What this means to you:

Since 1982, Fair Measures has been a proven leader in providing strategic, engaging training for managers that gives them practical leadership skills they can use every day. Taught by our attorney-trainers, our dynamic classroom and web workshops have helped thousands of supervisors to manage fairly, hire the best, use e-mail professionally, act ethically, accommodate employees with disabilities, control overtime, handle family and medical leaves, properly oversee temps and contractors, prevent workplace violence, create a respectful workplace, and more.

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