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Plaintiff's lawyers, the attorneys who represent employees, predict that privacy will surpass wrongful termination as the hot workplace issue of the 21st century. Yet the concept of privacy is so broad and so elusive, it’s difficult even to define. Privacy rights come up in situations involving drug testing, blogs, searches of electronic mail and files, hair and dress codes, arrest records, credit reports and other off-duty conduct. Learn how to protect yourself from privacy violations with our training program Managing Within the Law II.

Below you will find our answered Ask the Lawyer questions and eNews articles grouped under FAQ catagories.

Employers: Stop privacy lawsuits with our Internet and e-mail policy package, and our excellent training programs.


Stop Costly Lawsuits


What workplace information is private?

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Still have questions about Ethics and Employment Law? Ask the Lawyer!

Is there free speech at work?
Are grooming and dress codes legal?
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Still have questions about Privacy Law? Ask the Lawyer!

What are privacy rights for drugs and alcohol?
Can employer act based on employee's private life?
Stop Costly Lawsuits


Know Your Rights

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Still have questions about Privacy Law? Ask the Lawyer!



Managing Within the Law II
Give your managers the tools and skills they need to handle every employment issue they need to know.

Email = Evidence Webinar
In this fast-paced program, you will learn how to use state and federal laws on e-mail privacy and employee monitoring to protect you and your company.

Managing Within the Law
Core management training for experienced and new executives, managers, supervisors and leads. Taught by our own employment law trainers since 1987.

One-on-One Sensitivity Training
This program is for individuals accused of harassment or discrimination. One of our attorneys will discuss with your management and Human Resources staff the specific allegation, the results of your investigation, and your desired outcomes.

Respectful Workplace
We bring in your organizational values, as well as the values of the participants, to begin the process of creating a respectful workplace.

Harassment Prevention Training Webinar
This world-class webinar, taught in real-time via the internet, not only meets but exceeds all the requirements of the law, and it does so in a fun, interesting and memorable way.


Employers: HR policies and checklists.

Employees: Learn your rights with our recommended checklists.


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