How do I terminate, or reprimand, an employee who won’t listen to directives and persistently questions my management style, but is supported by my manager because she lies and manipulates the situation, to where it becomes her word against mine?  She has become a hindrance to my department and, at times, my abilities to focus on work.

Rita Risser Chai replies:

From a legal perspective, there is no right or wrong answer. It sounds like your manager is a jerk, and there is no law against that. From a values perspective, I would hope that your manager’s manager would care to know about this. Just as your employee skipped up the chain of command, you can skip up and start getting your manager’s manager on your side. Who knows, your manager’s manager may have been looking for a way to terminate your manager, and you might be able to provide the evidence. Good luck.

Posted 09-23-2019

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