This has been years ago but, I had been grabbed and pushed around by a coworker (more than once) and brought it to the attention of my superior. He had a meeting with me and the coworker’s supervisor to tell them the scenario. They said they were unaware and would talk to the coworker. One of the coworker’s supervisor was present during an incident. But his verbal abuse and harassment kept on until I mentioned it again to his supervisor. Is this case too late to bring up again since it was years ago? We just had a harassment and discrimination seminar and now am back thinking about the incidents.

Rita Risser Chai replies:

It depends on how long ago it was and what parts of your body were grabbed. For example, if the coworker grabbed your rear end, that’s sexual assault. In some states, you have 30 years to file a police report. No matter where you were grabbed, you also may still be able to file a claim for civil battery, which is any unwanted touching. The statute of limitations for that might be two years or longer in your state.

The time to file for sexual harassment varies according to your state. California, for example, is one year from the date of the last incident. Some states it is only 180 days, or 300 days. And of course it would have to meet the definition of sexual harassment. If your coworker grabbed the shoulders and pushed the backs of both men and women, that’s probably not sexual harassment.

To find out the rules in your state, contact an attorney. Good luck.

Posted 04-18-2019

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