Having trouble managing overtime for you non-exempt employees? Are your managers confused about the differences between exempt and non-exempt employees? Is comp time allowed in lieu of overtime? Is “working through lunch” a norm? Not knowing the limits of overtime law and how to manage overtime abuse could be costly to both your managers and your company. In this fast-paced program our attorney trainers will teach your managers about federal and state laws on overtime, the importance of accurate record keeping, how to determine exempt status, and much more.

“Instructor was friendly, engaging, and made complicated subjects simple and approachable.”
– Manager, Oracle Corporation

To book this webinar for your group or organization, call 800-458-2778 or email us at training@fairmeasures.com.

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Length: 1 Hour

Who should attend: Managers, supervisors, leads.

Participants will learn:

  • The costs and losses for failing to document overtime properly
  • Federal overtime law, including:
    – Restriction and exemptions
    – Salary and duties test for exempt employees
  • State overtime laws
  • Comp time – what it is and who gets it
  • How to manage non-exempt employees
    – Rest and meal breaks
    – How to keep accurate time records

Format: Our Managing Overtime Webinar is an online only course led by attorney-trainers. It is highly interactive, using humor, polls, and stories to ensure learning and practical application. We feature actual case studies that demonstrate the complexities of these issues. Our instructors are seasoned attorneys, experienced trainers and skilled facilitators who use personal stories and appropriate humor to make this topic fun and interesting.

To book this webinar for your group or organization, call 800-458-2778 or email training@fairmeasures.com.

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