I went to my boss about another employee that was sexually harassing me inside and outside of work. He was making sexual remarks, touching me inappropriately, and sending me nasty pictures to my phone. There were multiple other girls that made claims about him. My boss said there’s absolutely nothing she can do unless there’s on camera proof. She said I needed to give her the times and dates that I was “touched” or made comments to. The comments made wouldn’t even come up on camera considering it has no sound. Is this legal for my boss to not do anything about this at all?

Ann Kiernan replies:

No! Doesn’t this person watch TV, read a newspaper, or check a news feed?? With harassment having been in the news just about every day over the past few months, every manager should know that harassment allegations must be investigated by a trained, qualified person (probably NOT a manager). The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has just issued a guide, “What You Should Know: What to Do if You Believe You Have Been Harassed at Work“, that you may want to consult. If going to your boss’s manager or HR doesn’t help, you may want to consult a local employment lawyer. If you do not know one you might want to ask for a referral from your local county bar association or the National Employment Lawyers Association, www.nela.org.

Good luck.

Posted 01-09-2018

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