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It’s happening all around the country. In the wake of #MeToo, states and cities have upped the requirements for harassment prevention training, with four states now requiring training not only of managers, but of all employees. In addition, many states that do not mandate training by law strongly suggest training in regulations or court decisions. As of January 1, 2019, 20% of the US population lives in states with anti-harassment training mandates, and another 15% live in states that strongly suggest or encourage such training.

As the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in its 2016 Report from the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace, prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment and all harassment in the workplace. 

Required Suggested/Encouraged
California Colorado
Connecticut Hawaii
Delaware Maryland
Maine Massachusetts
New York City (4/19) New Jersey
New York State Ohio
Rhode Island

OK—here’s the legal landscape on harassment training. Find out more details on the required” states’ training mandates

Some employers think that they need to provide harassment prevention training only where there are statutes requiring such training. Wrong! The 2016 EEOC report said that “training should be conducted and reinforced on a regular basis for all employees.”

What this means to you:

A word to the wise employer: Do training not only to prevent legal liability, but, more importantly, to create a respectful workplace, where all employees are valued.

Fair Measures’ live, highly-interactive classroom and webinar trainings follow the EEOC best practices and fulfill all states’ 2019 compliance requirements for harassment prevention and awareness training. 

We cover not only sexual harassment, but also harassment based on race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and other protected characteristics. We discuss what to do if harassment, bullying, or other disrespectful conduct happens, including how bystanders can intervene. We focus on personal and corporate values, as well as the law. We have been helping businesses create respectful workplaces since 1983. 

If you want to keep your own organization a great place to work, contact us today to book in-person or web-based training for 2019 at 800-458-2778

Posted 01-14-2019

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