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Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention


Harassment is a form of discrimination. It is illegal under federal and/or state laws to harass any employee on the basis of all the protected characteristics: Sex/gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition or genetic characteristic, martial status, pregnancy, family leave, medical leave, citizenship, and veteran/military status. We offer Harassment Prevention Training and One-on-One Sensitivity Training to help you and your managers understand and comply with the law and your companies policies.

Below you will find our answered Ask the Lawyer questions and eNews articles grouped under FAQ catagories.

Employers: Stop sexual harassment lawsuits with our excellent training programs.


Stop Costly Lawsuits

The US Supreme Court says that sexual harassment training and procedures protect employers from punitive damages.

If you still have questions on what is harassment, ask a lawyer!


What is illegal harassment?

What is NOT illegal?
What are our responsibilities as management?
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Still have questions about Sexual Harassment Law? Ask the Lawyer!

What are the California Harassment Compliance Training Regulations?

Since 2005 the law requires training to prevent not only sexual harassment, but all forms of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. For more details see our white paper: It's Not Just Sexual Anymore: Training Requirements for California Employers.

What are my rights & responsibilities as a victim of harassment?
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Still have questions about Sexual Harassment Law? Ask the Lawyer!

What are my rights as a person accused?

How are harassment cases resolved by the legal system?
What did the Buddha say about sexual harassment?
Employers: Stop Costly Lawsuits

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Still have questions about Sexual Harassment Law? Ask the Lawyer!


Managing Within the Law
This strategic seminar is core management training for experienced and new executives, managers, supervisors and leads.

Harassment Prevention
We bring in your organizational policies and values to strengthen your workplace as a great place to work.

Hiring the Best
A program for managers to develop staffing strategies that will support them in selecting top talent, avoid the wrong candidates while minimizing legal risk.

Fair Measures Webinars
World-class webinars, taught online in real-time by our expert attorney-trainers.


Workplace Investigations
Prompt, thorough, and efficient investigations conducted by a trained, neutral investigator. 

Mediation Services
Resolve workplace disputes that are disruptive and can be devastating personally and professionally. 


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